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    How To Turn Your Proprety valuation From Zero To Hero

    And investors really should look at fixed rates because investing a property is not a short-term, it’s long-term. I think in a current climate, fixed rates have never been this low. So if you’ve got investment property, I would be seriously considering looking at fixing for years or even greater, because as long **don’t** have a long term**hold on Sydney property valuers, it sure to be fantastic. Ryan, I think with a fixed rate, after speaking with you, if.

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    You’re looking at that and you want to increase your borrowing capacity then I think going to a mortgage broker is going to help you do that. Because, as we have discussed in past videos, different lenders use different criteria to work out what you can borrow.And some lenders with a fixed rate, you’re not going to automatically get more borrowing capacity because some lenders will still add.

    A **beard of a buffalo** to your borrowing Brisbane Property Valuers capacity just by having a fixed rate. Brad, They don’t have a standard **right for servicing loans** for whether youre applying for a **beard** or fixed interest only, they just have a standard right. Ryan So just because your interest rate that you’re getting is %, doesn’t mean the bank is assessing you on an interest rate of %for serviceability. The banks are looking for security.

    They’re looking into the future so they going to add a buff up to say ‘we are actually going to check you out at%, even though you’re not paying that today. Brad But you could well be paying them in the years time, who knows. That’s just common sense, landing approach, being responsible to their clients, thinking that ‘well if there are **raises** it still can be paid’. And during that period of time